The Cambridge Invitational Art Contest & Exhibition Awards Evening 2021©

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Max Morawski Presented with his Cambridge Invitational Art Award.
Martin Southwood presented with his Cambridge Invitational Art Award
Martin Southwood with the award winning Witches (above) & Grande Greve, Sark (below)
Nigel Franklin CEO of one of our beneficiary Charity's, Arts 4 Dementia
Barbara Marshfield presented by Cllr Robert Dryden with her Cambridge Invitational Award
The Cambridge Invitational Awards.
Jonathan and Samuel having a great time.
Ann Goddard collecting her Cambridge Invitational Award
Karen Chard accepting her Cambridge Invitational Award
Karen Chard with her beautifully unique piece.
Michael Norcross presented with his Cambridge Invitational Art Award.
Artist and Photographer Michael and Max enjoying the evening.
Clare Millen presented with The Cambridge Invitational Award by Cllr Robert Dryden
Clare Millen with her award and the superb ,Black box (above) & Overview II (below)
Christine Calow, Presented with her Cambridge Invitational Award.
Geoffrey Harrison with his two stunning and emotional lockdown portraits
Michael Norcross with the award winning Winter The Road to Ashampstead (above) & Winter Shadows at C
Barbara Marshfield with the beautifully tactile Back to Back.
Andy Dakin and his superb artwork including The Mayors Choice, Cows on Fulbourn Fen.
Christine Calow alongside her award winning vibrant Silkscreen artwork
Sarah Walton and award winning Mountain Pass
Andy Dakin presented with The Mayors Choice Award.
Samuel Benjamin Harris with his energetic exciting artwork.
Max Morawski and his two amazing submissions.
Geoffrey Harrison collecting The Cass Art Award presented by Stacy Bodkin of Castle Fine Art
Geoffrey Harrison.
Samuel Benjamin Harris presented with his Cambridge Invitational Award
Martin  Southwood The Graduate Hotel Art Award.
The Cambridge Invitational Exhibition
Samuel Benjamin Harris The Oak Bistro Award Winner
Andy Dakin receives his Cambridge Invitational Award.
John Doubleday talking with Ann Goddard, winner of the John Doubleday Award
Sarah Walton collecting her Award for Mountain Pass
Max Morawski winner of The Scudamores Art Award.

“It was an absolute pleasure to co-host The Cambridge Invitational 2021; the joy of the winners' faces and the opportunities that arise even after the exhibition make this competition very special.

"It was our first event since lockdown, so it felt brilliant for everyone to celebrate and enjoy the awards and exhibition.”

Stacy Bodkin.

Gallery Manager

Castle Fine Art.

It was a fantastic evening, and I had a great time talking to so many talented artists and knowledgeable industry professionals. The hosts made everyone feel relaxed, thank you.

Max Morawski.

I was thrilled to have my work selected for the exhibition and receive my two awards... the John Doubleday Art award was a lovely unexpected surprise, made more special by it being presented by John Doubleday himself.

Ann Goddard.

“I would like to thank all who had a hand in creating such a special and memorable evening.

All of the work was fantastic and the camaraderie, discussion and artistic flair on display is a real personification of the

host of arresting art at the exhibition.

Alexander Newman,

The Oak Bistro

The private view and presentation of the Award trophies were well organised and hosted, making us feel very welcome and relaxed. It was so very nice to meet all the other award winners and be at a real physical private view at last; a fun evening, culminating in a short video interview,
and despite it having been a very long and tiring day for me, all in all it was a wonderful experience, and I would thoroughly recommend any artist thinking about it next year to apply. I very nearly didn’t, and I am so glad I did! Since then, even in the past 3 days since the Private View there has been an increase in social media interest, so that is something else to bear in mind to anyone hesitating. Michael Norcross.

The Cambridge Invitational Competition has been nothing but a positive experience for me. Just to exhibit again after the year or two that we have all been through is exciting, while the private view was cheerful and inclusive. Good to meet some of the other artists and beneficiaries, and of course to win the Mayor's Award was the icing on the cake. 

The sharing of awards enhanced the feeling of inclusivity while the one-on-one conversations with J and also the Castle Gallery team helped the feeling that you were part of something and appreciated. A big thanks to all involved along the way.

Andy Dakin.

I enjoyed the awards and preview evening very much. It did feel a special occasion to receive an award from the Deputy Mayor. All the gallery team were very friendly and helpful. The exhibition is well presented, and it is lovely to have my work shown in such a central gallery in Cambridge.

Christine Calow.

“I’m a very introverted person – drinks, galleries and noise are normally enough to send me running for the hills. But everyone on the team did their best to make me feel welcome and I had some good chats with some really interesting people. I thoroughly enjoyed both the quality and the diversity of the winning artwork, and I thought the exhibition was genuinely inspirational. Thank you.”

Martin Southwood.

The awards evening and private view at Castle Fine Arts was the first time since the start of the pandemic that I have had the opportunity to meet a group of like minded artists and discuss our art practice. This was wonderful, I tried to speak to all the winners. The gallery staff were warm and welcoming as they had been when I dropped off my sculpture the week before. The whole event was perfect for me.

Barbara Marshfield.

It's been an absolute privilege to be a part of this year's show. All the more wonderful to be a part of a real exhibition after such a challenging year...

Clare Millen