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If you have been Invited to take part in this year's contest please read through the Terms & Conditions. Please continue to the entry form and enter as an invitee.

If you have not had a direct invite and have seen our competition via our promotion on Instagram or other partners, please enter as a wildcard.

NB our judges are unaware of the entry status of of each artist.

Main Entry Details:
(a) There is no restriction on the artist regarding age, training or nationality. 
(b) All types of art, except for performance and or video are accepted for this competition. 
(c) Artwork size must no more than 120cm x 120cm x 30cm for artworks to be hung on the wall, and no more than 150cm x 100cm x 100cm for sculptures.
(d) Total entry fee is just £35, two artworks must be submitted.

(e) One or both submissions may be selected by our judges.

The contest is open to promotion for wildcards entries via selected

press and associated partners. If you are unsure about any of the Terms and Conditions please contact us. 

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions relate to art contests and exhibitions which Galeria Moderna (The Organisers) intend to organise and from which an unspecified number of artworks will be exhibited at locations and times to be confirmed.

The contests are open to all UK based living Artists or Artists overseas affiliated with a UK based association with no restrictions on age, training or nationality.

By entering a contest the Artist accepts these terms and conditions as set out hereinafter and the entrant further accepts that the terms and conditions of this competition may be altered, amended, varied or otherwise modified by The Organisers at any time up to and including the final determination of the competition and that such alteration, amendment or variation may be made orally or in writing and at all times the terms and conditions are at the sole discretion of The Organisers.

The Artist must be the creator and owner of the submitted artworks and the work(s) submitted. The Artist must hold all property rights in the submitted artworks. 


The Organisers take each submission and the information regarding it in good faith. The Organisers will not conduct any background checks unless we believe there are grounds for disqualification, or we have been alerted by an additional party.

In order to enter a contest, all Artists shall complete an online entry form and follow all directions therein. All images uploaded for the purposes of completing the entry process shall not be manipulated or otherwise artificially or digitally enhanced by the Artist or any third party.

By completing and submitting the digital entry form, the Artist accepts that if successful the original selected artwork(s) must be available in order to proceed and be delivered and displayed as part of the shortlist exhibition. Delivery dates will be provided to the Artists as soon as judging is completed and the final shortlist has been selected and confirmed.

By completing the digital entry form and by providing any further information to The Organisers in relation to the contest, the Artist warrants that all such information supplied is truthful, accurate, and not misleading or otherwise incomplete. Where it reasonably or justifiably appears to The Organisers, that the Artist is in breach of this warranty, or where The Organisers understands or apprehends there to be a risk that the Artist, has or will bring the competition or The Organisers into disrepute, The Organisers shall be entitled to take such steps as are necessary to conclude the Artist’s involvement in the competition forthwith.

Please note that we do not offer refunds for entries, unless The Organisers cannot accept the entry and that this is at The Organiser’s discretion.


The Organisers endeavour to take care of your artwork, but will not be liable for any loss or damage to any artworks physically submitted at any point, however caused, whether in transit to and from the exhibition, or during any period of storage, packing or unpacking, exhibition or in any period in which the artwork is in their or the third parties keeping.

It is therefore recommend that Artists take out their own reputable insurance to cover the artwork, especially while in transit and whilst at the third parties premises.

The Artist accepts that if selected as a winner then all artwork selected will be available for sale throughout the exhibition(s) and until the end of the exhibition and that The Organisers will take a commission of 20% of the total sale price.


The Organisers shall not be liable, under any circumstances for any tax the Artist may be due to pay following the sale of Artwork during the competition or exhibition to the UK government/HMRC.

The Organiser will take payment from the buyer of the artwork and will pay the Artist (minus the 20% commission on total sale price) within 30 days of the artwork being in possession of the buyer.

The Organisers are pleased to announce that the 20% commission collected from the sale of the winning artwork will be donated to our charities and beneficiary's as outlined in contest details.

Each winning artist will receive an award and be eligible to win no more than one other award from our patrons this includes the Mayors award where applicable and other select awards.

Artists are responsible for paying all travel costs and expenses incurred if they wish to attend the Exhibition or Preview and Awards event or any element thereof.

Artists will not receive a refund for submitting entries if they are not shortlisted.

Artists agree that as soon as they have submitted their artwork for the competition The Organisers may reproduce the Artists' work for purposes of marketing and promotion in various media, including websites, social media and on television, as well as and publications, catalogues, posters and postcards and may license, under these conditions to others only for the same purposes, and only in relation to the The Organisers art contests and exhibitions, or promotion of the Artist.

The Organisers also reserve the right to reproduce selected images for non–commercial purposes, for example within the contest website, indefinitely, as a public record. 

Without prejudice to the within terms, The Organisers recognise that the copyright in all artworks created by the Artist remains with the Artist, however it is a necessary condition of entry, and by so entering, the Artist hereby agrees to grant all necessary rights licences, approvals and authorisations to The Organisers to include, inter alia, the Artist’s work in any footage recorded or captured during the competition and/or exhibition, including the right to use such images for the promotion of the competition, exhibiting the work publicly, referring to the work on digital platforms in the control of The Organisers and for the avoidance of doubt, the Artist hereby grants the company with a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free licence to use and publish such footage or materials obtained or others materials in electronic format for purposes connected solely with the competition. Where further consent is necessary from the Artist, it shall not be unreasonably withheld.

The Artist shall indemnify The Organisers against all liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses (including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of reputation and all interest, penalties and legal costs (calculated on a full indemnity basis) and all other reasonable professional costs and expenses) suffered or incurred by The Organisers arising out of or in connection with any breach of these terms by the Artist.

Artists agree to be placed on The Organiser's mailing lists for any information that we may send you and grant full permission in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The Artist reserves the right to opt out of this at any time. 


The Organisers and its affiliates, agents and representatives or service providers, are not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate transcription of entry information, or for any human error, technical malfunction, lost or delayed data transmission, omission, interruption, deletion, line failure or malfunction of computer equipment, software, the inability to access any website or online service or any other error, human or otherwise.


The websites usually operate in a 24 hour a day service. The Organisers shall not be liable if the website is unavailable in part or whole at any time (including 24 hours prior to the submission deadline). Access to the website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of a system failure, maintenance, repair, or for reasons beyond The Organisers control.
The image(s) and the completed entry form(s) must be submitted online, using the entry form on the website and payment be made by the stated final deadline. Entries received late will be invalid unless the competition is extended for any reason, when entries received after then but before the new extended date will be valid.

The digital image of the artwork should be clear, high quality photograph which must not show any unnecessary or irrelevant content and must accurately portray the artwork.


Artwork accepted for the competition includes, but are not limited to, paintings, drawings, original prints, photography, sculptures, digitally produced artworks and mixed media constructions. Performance Art is not accepted in this competition, neither is video art, and any recordings of performances are not accepted.


Artwork with a copyright stamp or watermark on it will not be accepted.
Artwork (even if made of several pieces, e.g. diptychs/triptychs) must not exceed a total of 120cm x 120cm (including the frame) and must not project more than 30cm from the wall. If a sculpture, it can be up to 150cm height x 100cm x 100cm.  Work that does not fit within these Conditions of Entry will not be admissible and will not be considered for any contest or exhibition.


The Organisers shall retain full and sole discretion over every question as to the admissibility or otherwise of any given work.


In the event any tampering or unauthorised intervention may have occurred, The Organisers reserves the right to void suspect entries at issue.

Artists are reminded that all work submitted must conform to all health and safety standards and regulations.

Artwork submitted for the competition and exhibition must be available for sale if shortlisted and the chosen artworks must be available for exhibiting and be delivered to our selected gallery on the required dates for the whole exhibition periods. Collection of Artwork within the exhibition period will only be allowed with the agreement of The Organisers. Artwork must be the same work previously submitted as a digital image and be available if selected for the exhibition(s), including the whole exhibition period. 

Artwork submitted must be available for sale by The Organisers exclusively throughout the exhibition. The Artist's recommended sale price should be a sensible and fair market value (The Organisers can assist the Artist with valuations).
The Organisers reserve the right to deny admission to the competition, or withdraw any artwork from the competition or exhibition if for any reason the artwork, or any circumstances surrounding the display of the artwork, appears to The Organisers to expose it to risk of legal proceedings, reputational damage or other potential loss or if the artwork acts in any way detrimental to the brand of The Organisers.

The Artist will receive a confirmation email immediately after the online entry is complete. Payment will be accepted through PayPal and Stripe. The Organisers will not issue invoices for entry payments.

If there are any issues, please contact us by phone or via email specifying the email and full name you used in the entry form, along with full details of the issues. We will endeavour to respond within 5 working days.

Please note judging is completed digitally. It is therefore important that the photographs uploaded are of a high quality and as clear as possible. The panel of judges may change at anytime and will be detailed on website updates.


It is the sole responsibility of all Artists to arrange for their artwork to be collected from the exhibition at the end of the exhibition, during the dates specified by The Organiser (typically a two week period following the end of the exhibition), or they will be liable for a daily charge of £5 to cover third parties storage facilities. The Organiser will notify Artists of these dates before the start of the exhibition. 

If work has been selected for the exhibition, the Artist gives permission to The Organisers (on a sole and exclusive basis) to offer the exhibited artworks for sale throughout the exhibition period through various channels through The Organiser's art dealing team (including both online and offline).

Patrons Prizes


The Patron is an associated partner/third party and arrangements for a winning Artist of a Patrons prize must be conducted between the Patron and the Artist. Although The Organisers have no responsibility in producing the Patrons Prize, we will act as mediator in the unlikely event any issues should occur.



February 2020

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